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Posted at January 16th, 2009.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. mick angel says:


    I am using your wonderful Greasemonkey script and it’s proving invaluable. One thing that niggles and might be a simple fix. The list view of the emails is only 614 pixels wide. Is this fixed somewhere in the code that I can change? The only one I can see is for 700px.

    Thank you.


    • MrSqueezles says:

      Hi Mick

      By default, the table cells for the list of emails are stretched across the screen. I found it difficult to read, so I set the cell width to 0. If you’d like it the way it was, you can remove the line that resizes the cells.


  2. laura says:

    Hi, i’ve made a basic calculator and want it to update the value each time one of the value buttons is pressed… I saw your tutorial on how to setup this code, and including the backspace function.

    I’m not sure how to use this in my program though. Each of my buttons has it’s own listener e.g. Num0Listener, which should all then change the value in the textfield numberTextField.

    I wasn’t sure how to implement those three sections of code you wrote on how to assign values…. Do I put it in my main Main.java doc, within the public body? or in their own doc? and how do i tell each button which character to write to the textbox?



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