A New Gradle Grails Plugin

My team wanted to use Gradle to build our Grails project.  We had some trouble with version compatibility problems between Grails and the Grails build plugin, though.  Instead of using the plugin, we tried writing some code that called the ‘grails’ command directly, but that caused problems with the CI server because it required that the correct version of Grails be preinstalled on all build servers and exist in a known location.  I decided to try my hand at writing a simpler Grails build plugin and this is what I came up with.  It doesn’t require Grails to be pre-installed on the machine and, since it just executes the ‘grails’ command, it works with any version.

Fork it!  Or just use it 🙂

Gradle Grails Wrapper

Posted in Gradle, Groovy at April 6th, 2012. 5 Comments.